Ted Shiress


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Please take a seat and watch some of Ted’s most blistering yet comical rants, and if you like ’em share ’em!

How To Cope With Cerebral Palsy


Ted on Made In Cardiff

…part 2

On the radio


Ted’s Five Things That Annoy Disabled People

Ted on ‘Inspiration Porn’

Ted to David Cameron

Ted’s Five Steps To Cheating Disability Benefits

Ted got turned down

Ted is very ill

Ted on ‘Disability Dating’ (non-serious)


A controversial -but definitely the right side of ok- clip

A superbly captured set from Nov ’11 *incomplete*

Ted discusses the differences between blues and jazz AUDIO ONLY

An early, yet exceedingly good gig of Ted’s

Ted discusses his speech impairment AUDIO ONLY

An early performance of Ted’s trademark ‘phonesex’ routine

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