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Some people have it all are happy, some people have none and are happy and some people have a fair bit – relatively severe Cerebral Palsy yet an extremely outgoing life-style – but are complete cynics. In this webseries we follow Cardiff comedian/cynic Ted Shiress and his can-do lifestyle coupled with his can’t-do attitude. Whether Ted’s having a few pints, getting help from his lovely domestic assistant or trying to get his leg over he always finds something to moan about with his embittered sense of superiority.

Join Ted in the upcoming mini web-series Cynic as he proves that a bad attitude is the only disability*.

*Ted disagreed with this phenomenally and told me to go fuck myself.

Episode 6 ‘Kerb Your Enthusiasm

In the sixth episode Ted runs into various car-shaped obstacles while trying to get to Charlie’s gig only to discover to find out Charlie isn’t helping matters.

Episode 5 ‘Kim

In the fifth episode Rachel leaves for a holiday while Ted is excited at the prospect of meeting his step-in PA, Kim. However Ted then finds a surprise.

Episode 4 ‘Metaphorically Speaking

In the fourth episode Ted and his fellow comedian friends sit down to discuss the merits of observational comedy, but the subject matter quickly changes.

Episode 3 ‘Evening

In the third episode Ted tries half-heartedly to sort out a step-in helper so Rachel can go on holiday while Rachel tries wholeheartedly to cook him a meal… and sort out his bad mood.

Episode 2 ‘Date

In the second episode Ted goes on a date with Lucy from Episode 1 then seeks professional help to forget about it.

Episode 1 ‘Coffee

In this first episode Rachel, Ted’s domestic assistant, comes in to find Ted in a state more disabled than she left him.


In this short taster episode producers Mat Trow and Paul Hunt explain Ted’s central role in the series, but Ted has another agenda.

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