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Posted on | April 20, 2018 | No Comments

This is probably a pointless moan but I’ll get it out there. I was just poking through my Youtube analytics and it seems 81.5% of my traffic (in watch-time not hits – a vital difference for what I’m about to say) is watched without subtitles. In some ways the fact that enough people out there feel they don’t need them is very flattering, but, I just want to check – DO PEOPLE KNOW THAT THEY’RE THERE?! As someone who shamelessly thinks he should get much more traffic than he does, I decided to subtitle because enough people told me this would make my videos much more accessible, however I guess I was banking on more people using them. I’ll carry on but consider this just me saying: HELLO, I SUBTITLE!

I’m aware this will probably only be read by people who know me well enough that they don’t need subtitles to watch my videos so, as I said, it’s a pointless moan; but nonetheless it’s out now. I’m feeling better, thank you.



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