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Every Saturday is Ask a Spack Saturday – your chance to get your questions answered by me! Below you can find every question I’ve answered so far. Please tweet me your questions about literally anything if you want them answered!

Week 53 – What’s With The Alt-Right?

Week 52 – Ricky Berwick?

Week 51 – How Does It Feel To Be The Sexiest Man On The Planet?

Week 50 – What’s Your Favourite Cocktail?

Week 49 – Should Drugs Be Legalised?

Week 48 – How Do You Feel About Putin And Gay People?

Week 47 – Do You Love Or Hate Marmite?

Week 46 – announcement of live-stream

Week 45 – How Do You Make Videos?

Week 44 – What Happened With The Taxi On NYE?

Week 43 – What’s Your Take On UK Politics?


Week 41 – Why Do You Live In Wales?

Week 40 – Where Do You See Yourself In Ten Years?

Week 39 – a comedy sketch about a wedding

Week 38 – a comedy sketch about the song Clementine

Week 37 – Is Ethical Consumption Under Capitalism Possible?

Week 36 – some musings on Louis CK

Week 35 – HOUR LONG SPECIAL – Kristi Winters Asks Me About Comedy


Week 33 – How Do I Like My Coffee?

Week 32 – How Do I Feel About Vegetarianism?

Week 31 – What Is My Favourite Food? + BONUS HAIR!

Week 30 – Do I Have Many Friends With CP?

Week 29 – What Did I Do With That Lama?

Week 28 – What Was My Favourite Holiday?

Week 27 – shouting out some channels

Week 26 – How Do I Feel About Children?

Week 25 – Do I Like Animals? / Do I Enjoy Shopping?

Week 24 – Drunk Ted asks again!

Week 23 – Pasta, Rice Or Bread? + Ted Evaluates A Nightmare!

Week 22 – Why Do I Make Videos? + SJW Fantasies!

Week 21 – Do I Like London? + My Favourite Film!

Week 20 – recapping on the first 19 episodes

Week 19 – How Do I Handle Kerbs? / Can I Blag Free Football Tickets?

Week 18 – What’s The Most Messed Up Thing I’ve Seen Online?

Week 17 – What Neil Young Album Would Covert A Metalhead? / Favourite Blues/Rock Albums

Week 16 – What Music Do I Like?

Week 15 – What Will I Do When I Reach 1k Subs?

Week 14 – Do I Follow Football/Support A Team?

Week 13  Nietzsche Special!!

Week 12 – Do I tapping/playing along with songs frustrating? / What’s the most patronising thing anyone’s ever said to me?


Week 10 – How many times are you willing to repeat myself before giving up? / What do my parents think of my comedy?


Week 8 – Is Strength Training Good For CP? / Can People With CP Have Sex?

Week 7 – Name some cool things non-spack friends can do / Will I do a hit & run? / Blades on chairs – acceptable?

Week 6 – Should people try to help me if I appear to need help, or is that itself seen as an insult? / What is something I physically struggle with that still pisses me off?


Week 4 – if you could click your fingers and WHALLA..find yourself anywhere on the planet for 1 day where would it be and what would you be doing?

Week 3 – Do I feel like Walter Jr good representation of what living with CP is like? / Who’s my biggest role model?

Week 2 – What’s my most favourite thing about having CP? / Who’s my favourite comedian and why?

Week 1 – When did I know I wanted to be a comedian? / When is my disability the biggest inconvenience?

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