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Every now and then, amidst the pointless rubbish Ted unleashes on the poor innocent internet, he writes something that gets more hits than he expected (or much less than he felt it deserved). Here is an indexed collection of those particularly juicy, tender cuts of blog (that didn’t get published elsewhere).

Ted’s Comedy-related Opinions

Why using hack structures is ok

Why Ted feels Boyle/Carr bashing is a waste of time

FOOD (Ted likes to eat)

Ted’s top eats in Cardiff

Ted’s views and tips of eating with a domestic assistant

ROMANCE (‘lack of’, knowing Ted.)

Nothin’ wrong with payin’

Disability Dating? Hmmm, maybe.

Misc Disability Musings

Ted’s (largely non-academic) critique of the Social Model

Is it ever ok to say ‘retard’?

Sometimes Ted just needed a rant…

Ted’s ‘Remembrance Day’ joke

Ted’s failure to get through the quarter-finals of Laughing Horse

Creative Writing (Ted liked to share what he wrote for his course)

Logged On – the short story

Meat, Murder and Trains

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