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It’s Been A While

Posted on | April 8, 2018 | No Comments


Many have gathered I haven’t been gigging much recently – and by very much I mean at all. There are various reasons for this all which vary in validity; the most valid being there aren’t that many gigs in Cardiff now and traveling is a bitch. Less validly we have my chronic cough – which is a pain but isn’t normally bad enough to totally ruin a 10-20 minute set and even if it is I can joke my way out of it – and the fact I’m focussing on Youtube. The second reason is again absolute bullshit, it doesn’t take too long to make a video or compose a set and approving audience members = potentially loyal Youtube subscribers.

Anyway last week I had my first gig in… well, I don’t know how long… and I have to say I really enjoyed the experience. Admittedly I did the pretty standard 15 minute ‘Best Of’ type routine so any extreme praise can be countered with ‘Yeah, I’ve been tweaking some of these bits for over five years – too right they kill!’ but nonetheless I very much enjoyed the experience.

Will I gig more in 2018? Well as of yet I have no big plans but I do hope to have a few more little gigs and see where they take me. I know I have an hour of solid stuff and I’m sure a lot of the anecdote-based videos I made about eighteen months ago that didn’t really work would be much better as stand-up. Who knows, I might totally get my mojo back!


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