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Pre-Spack Dating

Posted on | June 1, 2016 | No Comments

(Pre spack – press-pack, I was trying to morph the words into each other; it didn’t work, let’s move on.)

Once in a blue moon I go twenty-four hours without eating meat, Jeremy Hunt sees his own reflection and a 4×4 driver stops to let you cross. Also once in a blue moon I do something slightly serious on my Youtube channel and when that happens I will unashamedly milk every hit from it I can get.

A while ago I woke up with a mischievous grin (still tempted to murder but in a more playful way) and decided to do a rather predictable (for me) Disability Dating FAQ. In this I’d set out some typical questions people may have around dating disabled people, start to answer them and quickly divert to “give him a blowjob”.

Hahaha yes, very much the type of thing I’d do and no-one got hurt – or blown (sadly). Some viewers then fedback that they’d like to see a more serious version, and bizarrely (I think I was coming down with manful) I had a good think and gave them one.

Then one for disabled people dating non-disableds.

Then one for disableds dating disableds.

But wait, my generosity didn’t stop there! I even created transcripts for all the serious ones so those complaining I’m hard to understand (and deaf people who admittedly don’t deserve such abuse). They can be found in the descriptions like so…

So there they are, do what you wish with them.


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