Ted Shiress

Traffic Syphon (friends and other links)

Despite Ted’s best efforts to stay as unpopular as he can, he does have some friends, so why not check if they are worthy for yourself (they are).


Jordan Brookes – an act you have to see to believe (and even then you might not)

Dean Burnett – blogger, comic, doctor. lecturer and neuroscientist. He’s so sharp and brainy US security have a hard-drive’s full of classified info on him.

Chris Chopping – smug yet irritatingly flawless bespectacled, bookish, laid-back wit at its finest.

Geraint Evans – cocky chap with ten times the amount of humour and likeability required for you not to hold it against him.

Rob Hughes – one of the sharpest, most creative one-liner writers you’ll ever come across – BOOM

Margo Milne – a superb non-bullshit medicine/disability/political blogger

Nicola Tudor – the sole reason I blog so infrequently about food (she does it much better)

Juls Williams – loving and dedicated maintainer of this site plus many others.

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